aka MiX

about me,

i'm a broke ass top-tier DOTA2 player here to share my knowledge to anyone willing to learn from me. i don't think that i'm the best player (mechanically as i'm broke and can't afford a decent PC or internet) but i do think that i can coach most players below 6000 MMR to becoming better.

          due to lack of resources if you want personal coaching please contact me via email at or add me on steam.

quick notes on heroes this pactch!


is a hero played on multiple roles over the patches, but in the current patch he shines as a support which goes well with the META.

while his passive skill may become unused in the early game his heal and shield dispel are really powerful in the early game. always try to save your shield till you need to dispel someone.

*while trying to do heal your carry, try to do so from the fog to prevent enemies from gaining magic stick/wand charges.

this patch he plays best against heroes like pudge, silencer, shadow shaman, phoenix, spectre, phantom assassin, skywrath mage and wraith king. but he is very weak against outworld devourer, lycan, anti-mage, chen, brood, underlord, dark seer, lone druid, medusa and io.


is a hero who finds home among the carries, but as he can be countered really hard by some heroes, it is strongly advised to be picked in the right draft.

going 3-0-2 in skills during the early game starting off with his passive gives him the best farm speed this META. building a wraith band (a bracer if you are against heavy magic dealers) and then the power boots is really good.

*while laning use strength boot for CS, then swap it to agility for deny's and swap it to intelligence before using spells. while jungling it's fastest to switch to agility.